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Mothball Christmas Cookies

These cookies have a rich, buttery flavor, but they are not overly sweet.

As mentioned in the story “Good Things Come in Small Packages” from LeAnn’s book, Christmas in Dairyland


Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

This recipe can be used to make cut-out cookies or you can roll teaspoons of dough into balls, dip in sugar, and then flatten with the bottom of a water glass dipped in sugar. I like to use an old sherbet glass that belonged to my grandmother because it has a pretty pattern on the bottom. See you what you can find in your cupboard to make pretty sugar cookies. . .


Shamrock Cookies

Easy Shamrock Cookies for St. Patrick’s Day.


Frying Pan Date Cookies

A somewhat unusual cookie recipe, but fun to make. Once you have added the cup of Rice Krispies and if the cookies still seem a little too moist, add Rice Krispies by the quarter cup until you get the desired consistency. Then roll in coconut.


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